Add Vendor

Adding a vendor

In order to add a vendor, open Conveyor and select the "Manage Vendors" module.

Next click "Add Vendor" in the top right hand corner.

Add Vendor Wizard

After clicking "Add Vendor" the window that opens allows you to add vendors individually or in bulk

Adding Vendors Individually

When adding vendors individually, simply start typing their name. If we can find a verified vendor profile, we'll show you their logo and name. You can always create a new vendor that's not yet in our databse.

Adding Vendors in Bulk

You can add your vendors in bulk via a comma or newline-separated list. This should be a list of just the vendor names, you can add the rest of the details via the Vendor Inventory screen later.

Once you click "Load Vendors" we'll match up the vendor names to verified vendors in our database if possible. This allows you to have some more information about them out of the box.

Adding Documents to a Vendor Record

Once you have added your vendor(s), you are able to store documents directly within each record.



When adding your vendors, they will not have a risk associated with them until you complete your initial review or set the risk manually.

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