Usage - Ticketing Notifications and Evidence Upload


This guide outlines how to setup Slack Ticketing Notifications and Evidence Upload.


After you've setup the integration (instructions), you're ready to start receiving ticket notifications in Slack.

First, create a Procedure. Proceed through the steps until you complete the procedure. The ticket owner will automatically be notified in Slack every time a ticket is created based on that procedure.

You can select any Person you track in Conveyor to be the assignee in Slack, whether they have a Conveyor user account or not. Conveyor will try to find this person by their name in Slack and Direct Message them notifications. If they are not found, the notification will not be sent in Slack (and will still be available in other places like email). The notification will include the guidance, notes, and asset information from Conveyor.

Messages and attachment which are replied to in a thread are captured within the ticket and the ticket gets closed. Any further messages and attachments continue to be applied to the ticket.\

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