Using a Vendor's Knowledge Base

View Answers

Because answers can be lengthy and make it difficult to browse through questions, answers are default hidden. Clicking on a question or the + sign will expand the question to show the answer.

Answers also show the latest update date so you can get a sense of how accurate the answer is.


Expanded question

Search Questions and Answers

Using the keyword search functionality makes it easy to find questions and answers related to topics important for your security review. You can filter the search to only find results in starred questions and answers, or keep it broad by finding results in all questions and answers.

Searching for entire questions is unlikely to yield good results as many companies use varied terms and phrases for the same question. Use keywords instead of full questions to get the best results.


Search questions and answers, filter by starred

Star Questions and Answers

When you find a question and answer set that's relevant to your program, click on the star to the left of the question to "save" it.


Star questions and answers

Export Questions and Answers

Once you've starred all of the relevant questions and answers you can export them to a .CVS. effectively creating a customized vendor questionnaire instantly. The export will automatically include the company's demographic data.