Vendor Trust Reports

Have you ever gotten a message like this from a colleague?

The first thought you have is: Who is this Chris guy, did he write this documentation, and why is he so handsome?

The second thought you have is likely: What the heck is Flexera?

Conveyor's Public Trust Reports give you free and instant access to basic information about top SaaS vendors, so you can quickly understand what you're dealing with whenever someone requests a security review.

Here's our page for Flexera, for example:

Conveyor's Vendor Trust Reports gather publicly available information, such as:

  • What does their product do?
  • What type of data access does it need?
  • What certifications do they have?
  • What have they said publicly about things like encryption, subprocessors, hosting locations, etc.?

You can take several actions on Public Trust Reports, such as:

  • Follow the vendor to build up your inventory;
  • Start a Review;
  • Request access to their compliance documentation

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