This token authenticates to the Conveyor API. To successfully authenticate, you must include this token in the headers of your request. If the api key is not valid or active, the endpoint will respond with a 403 and no body.

If the engineer setting up the integration is not a user of Conveyor, an existing user can generate the keys and securely share them using a password wallet.

It is best to create one key per integration you are looking to set up, although you are able to connect multiple integrations using the same key.

How to create an API token

  1. Login to Conveyor as an Account Owner
  2. Click the top right dropdown and select "Preferences" and the "Organization Preferences" tab at the top (alternatively, you can go to this url: https://app.conveyor.com/organization-preferences)
  3. In the "Integration Configuration" section, click "Add Integration" in the top right
  4. At the bottom of the list choose "Conveyor API" and click "Next Step"
  5. Enter a name for the API key and click "Save"
  6. Once you create an API key, you can copy the API key's token and begin building/testing an integration