ConveyorAI language support

Selling to non-English speaking customers? Conveyor's question-answering technology can handle some, but not all, non-English tasks. Read on to learn more!


We have limited support for non-English languages

Please note that while Conveyor's product can work in certain scenarios for non-English languages, we cannot offer any formal support (e.g., Customer Success resources, QA assurance) for content that is not in English.


Ingesting non-English questionnaires and returning non-English answers

You can upload questionnaires that are not in English. ConveyorAI should respond to the questionnaire in the language it was submitted in. This works best for common languages.

For example:

  • Let's say your Knowledge Base and Docs are all in English
  • You upload a French questionnaire
  • ConveyorAI should then respond with French answers

Unfortunately, ConveyorAI cannot "translate" the questionnaire into English for you. So unless you can read the questionnaire's original language, there is not an easy way to QA the results of ConveyorAI

Interpreting sources in different languages

ConveyorAI can also make use of sources (i.e., Knowledge Base q&a's and documents) that are not in English. ConveyorAI will retrieve relevant sources for a given question regardless of their original language.

For example:

  • Let's say your Knowledge Base and Docs are all in English
  • You then add a question and answer pair that is in Japanese
  • ConveyorAI should utilize that Japanese question-and-answer pair alongside of all your other content when answering future questions, translating it as necessary depending on the language of the original questionnaire