Understanding the ConveyorBot results

Understanding the ConveyorBot layout

When ConveyorBot is confident enough in the matches found in your Knowledge Base, it will draft a proposed answer to the question. In the detail view of the question, you will see a draft answer and the sources it was based on.

The "Sources" are the most relevant Q&A's from your knowledge base, on which the generative answer was based. If the answer is to your liking, you can hit "Approve and next" to move on to the next question. However, if the answer needs editing, you can jump right in and edit it.

Flagged questions

ConveyorBot will flag questions where it is uncertain how to answer. This may happen for a number of reasons:

  1. Your Knowledge Base content did not seem to cover the topic at hand, or only obliquely;
  2. The question was worded in such a novel way that the bot was unable to find the relevant Knowledge Base content

Sometimes, the bot will guess based on the information available, but still flag the question for review.

To remove the flag, click "Remove issue flag" or hit cmd+U on Mac or ctrl+U on Windows. Alternatively, you can add an answer then hit "Approve and Next", which will automatically remove the issue flag.