Editing an answer

When editing an answer, you have several tricks at your disposal.

Utilizing an existing source

Sometimes, your KB has the perfect q&a already, and the q&a was already included as a "Source." If you want to use the language verbatim, just hit "Append to answer" (the + button) on the source.

Searching for other Knowledge Base Q&As or Documents

If you suspect that there is a better answer in your Knowledge Base, and it wasn't already listed as a source, you can manually search your knowledge base by clicking the magnifying glass or hitting cmd+k. This will bring up a search modal that searches across your entire KB, as well as the content of your documents.

Utilize a Template answer

If you've done a few questionnaires before... you know there are a few answers that you tend to use again and again. Conveyor has conveniently stored three common answers as templates that you can access in the Append-To-Answer sidebar (accessible by clicking the stamp icon or hitting cmd+J on Mac, or ctrl+J on Windows). Click on them to append it to your current answer, or use the corresponding keyboard shortcuts cmd/ctrl+1, cmd/ctrl+2, or cmd/ctrl+3.