Editing an answer

From the Edit Answer experience, you have several handy tricks at your disposal to quickly compose the best answer to any question.

Utilize a Top 5 answer

When you view a questionnaire in Conveyor, each question has already been run against your Knowledge Base, with the top 5 matches pre-populated in the background. The matches are stored in Append-To-Answer sidebar, which you can access by clicking the stamp icon or hitting cmd+J on Mac and ctrl+J on Windows.

With the sidebar open, you can click on a matched Knowledge Base answer to append it to your current answer. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 to append the corresponding match.

Utilize a Template answer

If you've done a few questionnaires before... you know there are a few answers that you tend to use again and again. Conveyor has conveniently stored three common answers as templates that you can access in the Append-To-Answer sidebar (accessible by clicking the stamp icon or hitting cmd+J on Mac, or ctrl+J on Windows). Click on them to append it to your current answer, or use the corresponding keyboard shortcuts q, w, or e.

Search your own Knowledge Base and Documents

You can quickly search your Knowledge Base and Documents for relevant content that may not be in the Top 5 matches in the Append-To-Answer modal. Click the magnifying glass to open the search:

Run a manual AI Assist

At any point, you can click "AI Assist" (or hit cmd+I on Mac, or ctrl+I on Windows) to take whatever is in your current answer field and pass it through GPT-3 to draft an answer to the question. This can be handy for jotting down a few notes, then leaving the prose composition and spell-checking to the AI.