Automating Trust Center access

Once you understand the basics of manually sharing your Trust Center, we highly recommend setting up automations so you don't have to invite or approve every single visitor to your Trust Center.

There are four ways to automate your Trust Center access requests:

  1. Most popular: Letting Salesforce be the source-of-truth for who should have access or sign an NDA;
  2. Auto-approving connection requests by domain;
  3. Using our public API to build your own automation logic, including for other CRMs;
  4. Setting up Bring-your-own-Auth so that users who are logged into your own web app are automatically authenticated (and/or authorized) to access your Trust Center

By automating access, you can provide an instantaneous approval experience to your Trust Center visitors while saving your team oodles of time - all without compromising on the security and confidentiality of your sensitive materials.