Inviting Customers and Prospects

Conveyor is built to make it easy to share your confidential security documentation with customers and prospects by giving them a self-service portal where they can access the documents. Inviting them to this portal can be done in a number of ways:

From the main dashboard

On the main dashboard, click "Share" in the top right-hand corner:

In the window that opens, you can invite users in a couple of ways:

Share with Contacts

You can invite individually via email or in bulk by using comma-separated or newline-separated addresses.

Once you’ve finished inputting addresses, click "Send Invitations" and your users will receive an invite via email.

Share via Link

If you want to provide access to your room from your trust page or some other publicly available space, you can provide a link that allows the recipient to request access to your room. Some companies give this link to the sales team to distribute. It allows customers and prospects to self-serve access. You will be able to approve or deny all requests that come in.

There are two options with this route:

  1. Share the Public profile link. This will steer your users to your public profile first, where you can make public information readily available without an NDA or access request flow. Users will still be able to request gated content from the public profile.
  2. Share the direct Portal Request link. This bypasses the public profile and leads to a simple form where your customers enter their email address to request access.



This link maintains all of the security features of Conveyor (e.g. it will not allow a user to see or download your documents in your room until you approve their request and they execute the NDA).

Once your customers request access, you can approve those requests in a number of ways. Head to Approving Access Requests to learn more.