Exporting questionnaires

Conveyor provides two ways to get answers out of Conveyor and back to your customer, depending on the original format you uploaded.

Export the original format (supported for spreadsheets only)

If you uploaded a spreadsheet, Conveyor can export the answers back to the original spreadsheet format, preserving all of the original styling. Hit "Preview & Export" to generate that download.

That will open a preview window, so you can see what your export will look like before you download the file. If everything looks good, hit Export original format to download what you see.

Export a .csv of answers (supported for all file types)

All questionnaires (regardless of original format) can be exported as a .csv file with two columns:

  • question
  • answer

Just hit Download .csv to create that export.

Bonus: Copy-pasting

Sometimes, it might be easiest to just copy-paste the answers from Conveyor into a different destination. Conveyor provides a button on the summary view of questionnaires to quickly copy the answer to your clipboard: