Attaching evidence to questionnaire answers

Questionnaires occasionally contain requests for supporting evidence. Tell-tale signs are questions like:

  • Attach a screenshot of your IAM configuration.
  • Attach a screenshot of your firewall rules.
  • Attach evidence of your most recent User Access Review for XYZ sensitive system.

Luckily, for customers using both Conveyor's Questionnaire Automation to respond to questionnaires and Conveyor's Trust Center to securely share supporting artifacts directly with customers, you can provide this evidence easily.

Depending on how clear the question is, 🎥 the AI may insert it automatically 🎥:

[AI inserting evidence automatically](

🎥 CLICK TO VIEW LARGE: AI inserting evidence automatically 🎥

But even if the AI does not automatically attach the evidence, 🎥 you can manually attach it 🎥.

[Inserting links to evidence manually](

🎥 CLICK TO VIEW LARGE: Inserting links to evidence manually 🎥

How to add the evidence to your Trust Center

  1. Add the evidence as a PDF in your Documents section. Give it a descriptive title, as this is how ConveyorAI will find it.
  2. Ensure that this piece of evidence is shared with customers - in other words, its not "Internal Only." ConveyorAI will never surface links in your questionnaire answers for documents that are "Internal Only," nor will you be able to insert a link manually. See Document Access for more information.
    1. In fact, because evidence tends to be sensitive, you may want to apply an Access Group to the evidence, so that only certain customers may see it.
  3. Ensure the evidence is in-scope of ConveyorAI.

How to surface the evidence in a questionnaire answer

  1. Now, when you get a question asking for evidence attachment, if the question is related to the title of your evidence, ConveyorAI the AI may insert it automatically.
  2. If not, you can always insert a link manually by clicking "Add Link" in the Sources pane, or by typing the @-sign in the question answer and start typing the name of the document to find it.
  3. This link will take customers directly to the document in your Trust Center, while still respecting all the typical controls. That typically means:
    1. The customer will have to validate their email address before accessing, and their email will have to be approved to access your Trust Center (unless you made the evidence Public!)
    2. The customer will have to have an NDA on file to access the evidence (unless you bypasses the NDA for this customer!)
    3. If the evidence is behind a specific Access Group, the customer will have to those additional privileges to access the evidence.