Managing Connections

Access Connections via the top navigation.

Connection Statuses

In the Connection table we let you know what the status is for each connection. A description of each of those statuses:

  • Active = interacted with the content in your Room within the current contract period
  • Idle = has not interacted with the content in your Room within the current contract period
  • Internal = access from within your organization. You are not charged for this activity, but it can impact the accuracy of your analytics.

Connection Data & Insights

The graphs at the top of the page let you see your recent connection engagement and how it's tracking against your historical data.

You can also see a list of all your connections in the table below. The highlighted columns below help you quickly see what actions they’ve taken in your Room and when they were last active.

If you click on an individual connection row in the table, you are taken to a detail view. This view gives you insights into how this connection has interacted with your Room. There is a complete log of actions taken by users including: document downloads, viewing specific Q&A results from your knowledge base, and exporting portions of your knowledge base as a self-served questionnaire.

Revoking Access For A Company Connection

You can now easily remove access for everyone at a given company by clicking the "Remove Access" button on an individual connection row.

Simply confirm the action in the modal, and everyone at that company will have their access revoked.

Viewing Individual Contacts

Even though Connections are grouped by company, you can still view individual contacts by clicking on the "Individual Contacts" tab.

On this screen, you can see the email addresses of users you’ve invited to your room, the state of their Non-Disclosure Agreement, and their Access Status. You can also remove access on the individual user level.


Interested in an in-product tour of Connections?

First make sure you're logged in, then check it out at this link.

To add an access group to an individual contact, use the edit pencil and apply the desired access groups to each contact.