The Eliminator Browser Extension (BETA)

How to knock out questionnaires in those pesky portals using our Browser Extension.

Not all questionnaires are easy to import into Conveyor. Any questionnaire that you can open in your web browser (for example, questionnaires in a web portal) can be tackled with Conveyor's Browser Extension.


Set up your KB first

To use the browser extension (and get any results...) you must first set up your knowledge base. See our Quick start: GPT-3 powered Questionnaire Eliminator guide for setting it up.


Then, find the extension on the Chrome Store

After you've set up your knowledge base, give the extension a whirl by visiting Conveyor on the Chrome web store.

Let’s cut straight to the video / GIF:

the extension in action!

What you’re seeing there is:

  1. Step 1: Highlight any text to run a query against your Conveyor KB
  2. Step 2: The extension generates a tailored, accurate answer, with sources cited

But there are plenty more benefits!

  • Keep your KB up-to-date without breaking your flow.
    • Add a new fact on the fly, polish it with AI, and save it your Knowledge Base for later (video here)
    • Edit your existing Knowledge Base directly from the extension (video here)
  • Avoid pitfalls and have confidence in the answers
    • Answers are flagged if the bot had low confidence, or if the sources haven’t been verified in a while (video here)
    • Remove a bad source with a single click (video here)
  • Find exactly what you need without leaving the questionnaire
    • Search your Knowledge Base and documents directly from the extension. (video here)


In Beta!

Please note, our browser extension is currently in an open beta. There may still be some kinks that need working out. (And we only support Chrome at the moment.). If you hit any issues, please report them to [email protected].

Next Up

If you'd like more info on what permissions the extension requires, check out: