Adding New Documents

There are two ways to add documents to your Portal: via "Quick Add" (ideal for uploading many documents at once), or one-at-a-time.

Adding multiple documents via "Quick Add"

When you first set up Conveyor, you may find it convenient to use the "Quick Add" feature to add many documents at once to your Portal. You can access the "Quick add" via the Documents page:

You can also always access "Quick add" from the main dashboard:

Once you are in the Quick Add screen, you'll see some very common document types suggested. Simply drag your version of the corresponding documents onto the corresponding tile.

Please note, when you use Quick Add, all documents are initially added as Internal Only, meaning they will not be visible to your Portal visitors. You will need to update the access for those documents after uploading them (don't worry, we support bulk-access changes.)

Adding individual documents to your Portal

You can also add individual documents to your Portal rather than using Quick Add. Just click "New Document" from the Documents tab:

You will be presented with a window where you can click select documents from your local machine:


Document Types

The Conveyor Portal supports document uploads in .pdf, txt, csv, doc, docx, xls, or xlsx format.
Only PDF documents will be watermarked with your customers' information

Once you have picked the file, give your document a title (required) and a subtitle (optional) to provide additional information.


Additional fields on this modal are explained in Editing Documents.

Once your documents are uploaded, you have the option to either Update or Preview on the document card.

  • Update Allows you to upload a new version of the document, change the document title and subtitle, as well as change the access levels associated with the document.
  • Preview: Opens a preview of the document, including watermark, as your customers and prospects would see it.