Maintaining your Knowledge Base

Conveyor's Knowledge Base supports curators as a way to assign ownership to a certain question. This person can be notified of any comments that come in internally for that question or be notified at certain intervals if that question needs to be reviewed for updates.

Assigning a curator and verification period to an individual question

To add a curator for a question, click on that question within the internal Knowledge Base. From the drop down, you can assign ownership to a member of your team.

In addition to a curator, you can also set the frequency of which that question needs verification of any updates. This can be useful if you have questions related to annual reviews like "when was your latest disaster recovery test completed?" or topics that are important, but less likely to change like "where is your application hosted?".

Assign a time to verify within the question itself. Options range from never to one year.

Bulk-editing curators

You can bulk-edit curators by selecting the relevant q&as from the Knowledge Base index, then selecting "Update Properties" --> "Curator."