Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Non-Disclosure Agreements are an essential part of Conveyor Rooms. They allow you to gate your sensitive documents and ensure that customers understand that the documents they are viewing are intended only for their use and shouldn’t be distributed.

When you create a Conveyor account, we provide you with a baseline Clickwrapped NDA for you Room. Anytime a customer or prospect accesses your Room for the first time they will have to sign the NDA, unless you have bypassed the NDA for them specifically.

Managing the NDA

When you first access "My Room" or anytime you want to make edits to your NDA, click on the "Manage NDA" button.


From here, you'll see there are two options:

  1. Installing the DocuSign integration
  2. Manually adding text to use as a Clickwrapped NDA based on manually added markdown text

After selecting and confirming your preferred NDA option, customers and prospects invited to your Room will be presented with your NDA to read and execute prior to viewing your room and its contents for the first time:


Reviewing Signed NDAs

To review a signed NDA for a specific customer, that's available in the "Contact Permissions" tab of your room.

Simply click on "View Signed NDA" next to the contact you want to review the NDA for.