Required Docusign Permissions

In order to integrate DocuSign to Rooms, you’ll need to authenticate using an account that has these minimum user permissions:

  • “Can send envelope” is enabled
  • Templates set to "Use"
  • Allow view and manage envelope rights through API
  • Allow send on behalf of other users through API

Refer to DocuSign's documentation on how to View or edit permissions for a permission profile. The settings above are all under the "User Permissions" tab when you edit a permissions profile in your DocuSign account.

Note that if you modify permission you may need to re-authenticate.

If you already have an NDA set up in DocuSign, you can use it with your portal through Conveyor’s DocuSign integration. First click on the "Manage NDA" button in the Documents tab.

Click on "Install Integration" and a window will open that will take you to DocuSign in order to log into your account.

When you’re finished, you’ll be taken back to your portal to choose which DocuSign template you want to use as your NDA.

After you click "Confirm," users you invite to your gated portal content will be required to read and sign that version of the NDA.