Installing our Salesforce Managed Package


To use certain features of Conveyor while within your Salesforce instance, you can install our Managed Package. This will make it easy for your Salesforce admin to add two specific functionalities (with more to come):

  1. Invite contacts to access Conveyor; and,
  2. Upload questionnaires to Conveyor.

Conveyor API and installation keys

Our Salesforce Managed Package leverages our Conveyor API, so you'll need to first setup a Conveyor API token by following the instructions here: Separately, installation of our Salesforce Managed Package is protected by an installation key. Please reach out to your point of contact at Conveyor to get this key.

Once you have the Conveyor API token and Salesforce Managed Package installation key, you need to pass these on to your Salesforce administrator to complete the following setup steps.

Installing the Managed Package to your Salesforce instance

You need to be an admin of the Salesforce instance that you want to install the Managed Package to. The Salesforce instance can be a sandbox or a production environment.

  1. Go to this link:
  1. Input the installation key that Conveyor would have provided you. If you don't have one, please reach out to your point of contact at Conveyor.
  2. Select "Install for All Users" or "Install for Specific Profiles..." if you have a profile specific for the users you want to use Conveyor's Managed Package
  3. Check the "I acknowledge..." box
  4. Click "Install"

At this point, a modal will appear asking you to approve third-party access. Specifically, it will ask you if it is OK for our Managed Package to make requests to

  1. Check "Yes, grant access..."
  2. Click "Continue"

Once the package installation is complete, Salesforce will redirect you to the "Installed Packages" page, where you should see the package named "Conveyor".

Adding your Conveyor API Key

  1. In Setup, search for "custom metadata types" and click on the "Custom Metadata Types" result under "Custom Code"
  1. Find the label "Conveyor API Key" and click on the "Manage Records" link under the "Action" header
  1. Then, you will see a record named "Default". Click the "Edit" link under the "Action" header
  1. Enter your Conveyor API key in the input "API Key", making sure to replace the placeholder "your_api_key" text
  1. Click "Save"


Since we are storing the Conveyor API Key in Custom Metadata Types, you should consider limiting which users in your Salesforce instance can view the Custom Metadata Types records. The Conveyor API Key enables anyone with access to the key to do any of the actions described in our API documentation, so such abilities should be carefully controlled. Salesforce has some documentation here about how to control access to Custom Metadata Types that you might find useful.

Adding features

At this point, the Managed Package is setup and ready to go, but the features aren't exposed to any users yet. We have two features, so depending on what your organization would like to use, please continue setup there:

  1. Invite contacts to access Conveyor; and,
  2. Upload questionnaires to Conveyor.