Adjusting global NDA logic

By default, Conveyor assumes you need one NDA on behalf of each connection (customer domain), but not necessarily one NDA on behalf of each visitor from that domain. This means that after the first user from a given domain is past the NDA step, then other users from that domain will not be required to sign their own NDA.

You can adjust this logic so that every user from every domain defaults to requiring an NDA (unless they are individually bypassed).

You can also adjust the logic to remove NDAs completely.

To adjust this logic, on the documents page, click "Manage NDA".

On the modal, select your preferred logic, then click "Save."

Using Salesforce to bypass NDAs under certain conditions

You can also use the Salesforce integration to bypass an NDA under certain conditions. (For more information about the Salesforce integration, see Salesforce.) You can edit the integration to look for a "TRUE" boolean on a specific field on Accounts in Salesforce:

If you require more advanced logic to determine the appropriateness of an NDA, Conveyor can set it up for you. Just contact [email protected].