Bypassing the NDA

If a customer or prospect has previously executed an NDA that exists outside of Conveyor, you can grant them access to your room without requiring them to execute a second time. This can be accomplished in two ways:

  • When inviting a specific user
  • When approving a Portal request

Bypass NDA when inviting a specific user

After you invite a specific user, you can bypass the NDA requirement for them. Simply find their contact record on the "Connections" tab, under "Individual Contacts." Click the utility menu button, and select "Bypass NDA":


Note: You can only bypass NDA for users with the status "Pending NDA."

Confirm the action on the modal popup.

Their NDA is now bypassed and they can log in to your room and view your documents. In the Access screen, the Non-Disclosure column of their entry will now show "Verified Externally":

Bypass NDA when approving a Portal request

You can also bypass the NDA when approving access requests. In the Conveyor UI, on the "Process Request" modal, you will see the option to bypass the requestor's NDA.

If approving from Slack, you can bypass the NDA after hitting "Approve" in the Slack thread.