Setting up a Clickwrapped NDA

Setting up Clickwrapped NDA

If you don’t have NDAs set up in DocuSign or would prefer to use a pre-existing NDA that is in another format, you can set up a Clickwrapped NDA. First click on the "Manage NDA" button in the Documents tab.

Select the Clickwrapped NDA option.


In the window that opens, you will see our generic NDA. You can use this of the box, or you can edit it to suit your needs.


You also have the option to compose your NDA or paste in an existing one.



The text for the NDA must be composed in Markdown syntax. You can click on "Markdown help" for guidance on Markdown syntax.

Preview Clickwrapped NDA Formatting

As you compose or paste in your text, in the blue box on the left an automatic preview will update on the right to show you what your customers and prospects will see.


When you are finished composing, click:


Saving Clickwrapped NDA

You will see a confirmation window where you can click "Confirm" to deploy your NDA.