Running a one-off search

Many of our users will import a standardized questionnaire to their Knowledge Base such as a CAIQ, SIG-LITE, etc. These are great foundations for your Conveyor Knowledge Base. In order to search through the vast amount of question and answer pairs you may have imported, you can run a one-off search. This tool uses AI and natural language processing to search your Knowledge Base for the most relevant content.

Access the search by clicking on the magnifying glass in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. You can also use the cmd+k shortcuts on Mac or ctrl+k shortcut on Windows.

This will bring up the search prompt. You can type keywords or copy/paste full questions into this prompt. If you have set up Product Lines and are looking for content only relating to a specific product, you can apply a product filter here.

Hit enter to run the search. You'll see results from both your Knowledge Base as well as the security documentation in your Portal. The most relevant answers are at the top.

Click on the answer you'd like to use. You can also use arrow keys and the enter key to navigate through the answers. In order to copy an answer to your clipboard simply hit the "Yes, copy this answer" button.