Collaborating on questionnaires

Completing a questionnaire is usually a multi-person job. Conveyor makes it easy to work on a questionnaire with multiple team members by using the "Collaborators," "Flagging," and "Comments" features.

Adding collaborators

Anyone you add as a Collaborator will be able to work on the questionnaire, even if their Conveyor permissions don't normally permit them to edit objects.

To add collaborators to a questionnaire, click the "Collaborators" field on the left side of the questionnaire:



Collaborators must already be members of your Conveyor organization. To learn how to add teammates to Conveyor, see Inviting and Managing Your Team.


A common workflow is for a team member to take a first pass at the questionnaire, and pass questions requiring subject-matter expertise onto someone else. Conveyor recommends using the "Flag" feature to indicate which questions need attention by a subject matter expert. The bot will automatically flag questions it is not confident about, but those flags can be adjusted manually by the First Responder.

To add or remove a flag, click "Flag for review" on the All-questions or the Detail view, or hit cmd+U on Mac or ctrl+U on Windows.


In addition to adding flags to review answers, you can add a comment so that the reviewer knows why you flagged the question. Click into the "History & Comments" field on the Detail view of a question, enter your comment, then click the paper airplane or hit Enter to submit.