What content should I add to my Knowledge Base?

Whether you're using the Questionnaire Response Tool (lovingly known as THE ELIMINATOR 🦾) or giving your customers a Self-Serve Portal, this page will guide you through what content to add (and how much of it).

🥇"Eliminator Gold Standard": 1,200 q&a pairs

If you're planning to use the Questionnaire Response Tool (aka THE ELIMINATOR 🦾), we recommend adding 1,200 questions with long-form answers covering a range of Information Security topics.

Over many tests, we've observed that 1,200 is the magic number where customers start to see 85-90% "accurate answer coverage." That statistic refers to the percent of the questions that the AI can immediately fill in with accurate answers for you such that the answers are ready to be shipped back to the customer. Going beyond 1,200 questions for the extra increase in coverage becomes onerous to maintain, and the juice usually isn't worth the squeeze.

You can get to 1,200 q&a pairs by uploading any combination of...

  • ~10 past completed questionnaires. Customer questionnaires are always the best source because you've curated customer-friendly answers (by definition), and the questions tend to overlap with what other customers care about.
  • Your CSA CAIQ. If your answers are "yes/no", you should ideally append longer explanations to the answers before you upload them. But it will still work with "yes/no" answers.
  • Your Shared Assessments SIG. If your answers are "yes/no", you should ideally append longer explanations to the answers before you upload them. But it will still work with "yes/no" answers.
  • Any internal "Security FAQ" page. Sometimes we see customers have an internal wiki of security knowledge, geared toward marketing teams. This is great content, use it!

🥈"Eliminator Lite or Self-Serve Portal": 400 q&a pairs

We get it. Twelve hundred question and answer pairs can be daunting if you don't have a pile of prefilled questionnaires handy. Furthermore, if you're just using the Knowledge Base to give customers a self-serve portal rather than using the Questionnaire Response Tool, you can aspire to fewer questions.

In this case, you can get to 400 q&a pairs by uploading 3-4 past questionnaires. Long-form answers are still better than simple yes/no responses.

Customers using the Eliminator tend to see 50-60% accurate answer coverage with a Knowledge Base of this size. Over time, you can then increase your Knowledge Base coverage as you answer more and more questionnaires in Conveyor.

🥉 "I'm starting from scratch": Use our template!

If you don't have any past questionnaires, or want to give your existing content a little boost, answer these Top 200 questions found in our handy template here, and bulk-import them per these instructions: Adding content to your Knowledge Base.


Where is the upload button...?

If you're unsure how to get content into your Knowledge Base, check out Adding content to you Knowledge Base.

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