Using the Portal Designer


One of the best things about Conveyor is the ability to deliver a beautiful, branded experience to your customers, with complete control over who can see and access what.

Check out a 5-minute overview of our Portal Designer here.

Elements of the Trust Center

  • Badges: Badges are icons that reflect common frameworks, certifications, and compliance concepts.
  • Access Request Button: If you choose to give your unauthenticated visitors a profile-like experience instead of a simple access request form, then they will be able to request access to gated content with this button.
  • Philosophy / Coming Soon: You can use this section to add a prose overview of your security program and roadmap.
  • Find an answer: This is the core interface for your customers to interact with your documents and knowledge base items. Customers can easily browse and search, and filter the results by the product they're reviewing.
  • Featured documents: Should you want to showcase any additional documents directly on your portal, you can use this section to do that.
  • Quick summary: This section provides indicators that you can quicikly toggle and-and-off to anticipate and ward off questions relating to common security controls.
  • Announcements: Use this section to post updates to your Portal. Announcements get emailed to your portal subscribers, too.
  • What we offer: Should you want to provide more breakdown of you various product lines, you can do so here. This is a good place to indiciate the type of data access each product line commonly involves.
  • Subprocessors: You can use Conveyor list your subprocessors, their location, and a brief description of each. Anytime you update this list, you have the option of updating all your portal subscribers by email.
  • Companies we are trusted by: Use this section to showcase all the great companies that already trust you. A little social proof never hurt anyone.