Public profile

Conveyor's public profile provides companies with a way to build trust with customers and prospects without requiring an NDA. Delight your customers with an easy-to-digest overview of your security posture before they dive into the meaty content of your gated, private portal. The profile is able to be set up directly within your Conveyor account, eliminating the need to run all updates and changes to your security posture through your Marketing or Website Teams.

Setting up your public profile on a custom URL is a paid feature, but you can always claim and use your profile on Conveyor’s network for free.

  • Key information you can spotlight on your profile includes:
  • Badges representing your framework and audit coverage
  • Any updates customers can expect in the coming months
  • Your "thesis statement" about your security posture
  • As-it-happens announcements
  • Publicly-accessible documentation
  • Social proof of other customers who have reviewed your product