Uploading a questionnaire


Dependency: 100+ Knowledge Base questions

Please note, the Questionnaire Eliminator works by referencing your Knowledge Base of existing questions and answers in order to answer new questionnaires for you.

You must have at least 100 Knowledge Base q&a's for the Eliminator to give good results. We recommend at least 400 q&a's for the best results.

If you need inspiration of what to add, see the example question set in Adding content to you Knowledge Base.

The Eliminator works by ingesting a questionnaire you upload to it, running for a short "processing" period, then returning AI-drafted answers to each of the questionnaire's questions.

To upload a questionnaire to the Eliminator, navigate to the Questionnaire tab, then click "Add Questionnaire."

You will see the following modal:

The fields are:

  • First responder: Who should take the first pass of reviewing the bot's output? Your username is selected by default, but you can assign the responsibility to anyone who is part of your Conveyor organization. You can also assign this responsibility to Conveyor if you are using the white-glove questionnaire answering service. (For more information on the white-glove service, see Quick start: Questionnaire-as-a-Service).
  • Collaborators: What other team members should be in-the-know about progress on this questionnaire? Anyone you add as a Collaborator will receive a daily digest about this questionnaire's progress. They will also be able to collaborate on the questionnaire with you, even if their Conveyor permission level would otherwise restrict their ability to edit questionnaires or add to your Knowledge Base.
  • Due Date: This is for internal tracking only and can help you prioritize when you have multiple questionnaires. If you selected "Conveyor" as the first responder, this field will instead give you the option to enter your preferred SLA (1 day, 2, days, or 3 days.)
  • Customer web domain: This is for internal tracking only. On behalf of what customer are you completing this questionnaire? (E.g., "ford.com" if you were completing a questionnaire from Ford)
  • Questionnaire Format: Also for internal tracking only - is the questionnaire a file, or from a portal? Please note, Conveyor does not currently ingest content automatically from portals; however, many portals allow you to export the questions and then upload a response, which you can use in conjunction with Conveyor.
  • Products: If you have Product Lines configured, this field will be required to specify what product(s) the customer is reviewing as part of this questionnaire.
  • Notes: Optional field for tracking things such as portal login credentials.

Once you save these fields, you will then see a modal where you can upload the questionnaire file.

You do not need to pre-format the file; however, processing time will vary depending on the file format and how well-structured the questionnaire is. For the fastest processing time, upload a csv with a single column, with the header:

  • question

See this file for an example upload, formatted for the fastest upload time.

Once you upload your questionnaire, you will see a card representing it on the Index view of the Questionnaires tab, under the "Processing" column.

You will receive an email when the questionnaire is done processing, and AI-suggested answers are ready for review.