Configure what docs are being used by ConveyorAI

Generate questionnaire responses by looking at the content of your documents, like PDFs or Excel files in your portal. That’s right— our AI can read from your SOC 2 Type II, CAIQ and more.


By adding your standard security and compliance documents to Conveyor, you train the AI on security context with documents you're already maintaining. This reduces the need for a lengthy knowledge base with constant upkeep.

Plus, more source data typically drives higher accuracy on question answering.

As a bonus, Conveyor’s AI automatically adds links to relevant documents (always sourced!).

The links to documents generated for answers come with all the usual portal controls – the customer needs approval, signs an NDA, and so on – before they can access the document.

Navigate to Questionnaires, click the gear icon next to Documents

Select which documents to include as sources