Quick start: Internal Knowledge Base

Here's a simple guide to set up your internal knowledge base so that you and your team can start knocking out security questions and questionnaires.

Add 10 or more questions to your knowledge base

A well-curated knowledge base is your first line of defense to deflect customer questions. Much like documents, anything you add to your knowledge base is set to internal only but can be shared publicly or to your approved users under NDA by editing the "Access" property.


Not sure where to start? We've put together a baseline based on the questions we see all the time. You can make a copy and import it into your KB.


More than one product? Segment your Q and As and docs by product to give your customers a more relevant exprience (Enterprise plan only).

Run your first search

Now that you have knowledge base content, let's search it! From any page in the app, you can click the magnifying glass on the left side of your screen (or hit the cmd+k keyboard shortcut) to open the Search.

Run your first search... in Slack!

Install the Slack integration by navigating to your Organization Preferences, clicking "Add Integration," and selecting Slack. Next, follow the on-screen instructions.
Once Slack is installed, try running this command in Slack:
/conveyor ask encryption
(You can replace "encryption" with whatever search term you fancy.) You'll see the top 3 results from your knowledge base, right in Slack!
Please note: Only teammates that you add to Conveyor can use this command.

Invite your teammates

Visit the invite page so that your teammates can search in Conveyor or use the Slack command as well. The "Assignee Only" role will allow users to view content, but not edit it or share your portal externally.

You can always get back to the invite page by clicking your icon in the lower-left and selecting "Account Management."

Assign question curators

Once your teammates have joined your organization, you can delegate curation of your Q and As so your team can collaboratively keep answers fresh over time. Click on any question in your knowledge base to edit the Curator and the maximum age before needing verification.


That's it! You're ready to use Conveyor to knock out security questions and questionnaires.