Quick start: GPT-3 powered Questionnaire Eliminator

Conveyor's Questionnaire Eliminator uses OpenAI's GPT-3 to automatically populate draft answers to your questionnaires, reducing time spent filling out questionnaires by 2-3x. Here's a quick way to get started.

Feed Conveyor your knowledge(base)

Before you can answer never-before-seen questions using Conveyor, you’ll need to add some info about your company to your Knowledge Base. That way ConveyorBot has some 🔥 facts to work off of to create accurate answers.

💁 Tip: You can also segment info by product line so that ConveyorBot and your team use only relevant facts to answer questions.

:arrow-right: To start, import a .csv with the columns “question” and “answer" in your Knowledge Base.


Warning: we can't just "make stuff up"

To test our Questionnaire Eliminator, you’ll need at least 100 Q&As. We recommend 400+ for the best results, which is usually on the order of ~3 previously completed questionnaires.


Need inspiration?

We've put together a baseline of the questions we see all the time as inspiration of where to start. We’ve also included dummy answers you can use to kick the tires before going on your own fact-finding mission. Make a copy and tweak as you like.

Queue up your first questionnaire

Once your Q&As index, you can import any questionnaire file into our Questionnaire Eliminator ✨ and get back ConveyorBot’s answers. The bot uses existing facts in your KB and the power of GPT-3 to give you customized, accurate answers to any question. It’ll even flag answers it’s not as confident about.

⏰ Processing time varies, from minutes for a well-formatted .CSV to hours for a complex questionnaire. Either way, you’ll get an email when it’s finished so no need to hang out.

:arrow-right: Visit the Questionnaire module to upload a questionnaire.


No questionnaires on hand?

Lucky you, 😉 Here’s a dummy one to export as a .csv and use for testing.

Try out a one-off search

Conveyor isn’t just for questionnaires - your team can also answer one-off questions using your knowledge base. From any page in the app, you can click the 🔍 magnifying glass in the navigation bar or hit the cmd+k or ctrl+k keyboard shortcut to open the Search.

:arrow-right: Open search, enter a question or keyword, click a result, then choose "Yes, copy this answer".


Does your team live in Slack?

You can also install our integration to run searches directly from Slack (Growth or Enterprise plan).


That's it!

You're ready to use Conveyor to knock out security questions and questionnaires.