Coupa Automated Support

Coupa is one of the most common third-party portals for hosting security questionnaires. Luckily, Conveyor's Browser Extension has fully automated support for Coupa questionnaires, meaning you can:

  • Import an entire Coupa questionnaire in a single click;
  • Export ConveyorAI's answers back to the Coupa questionnaire in a single click;
  • Sync any edits that you make in Coupa back to Conveyor in a single click

Creating a questionnaire

With the Conveyor Browser Extension open on any Coupa questionnaire, select a page that contains any questions on it, and select "Working on a New Questionnaire."

  • You can also select or search for an existing questionnaire if the questionnaire has already been created in Conveyor.

You'll then be prompted to provide basic questionnaire metadata. If you have questions about how to interpret these fields, see Creating a questionnaire.

Adding questions

Once you've created the questionnaire in the Conveyor Browser Extension, the extension will decorate all detected questions on the page with green dotted lines. Click "Import questions" near any question or click "Scan for new questions" (the camera icon) at the bottom of the extension to begin the import.

ConveyorAI will then start answering questions in the browser extension itself.

Reviewing and editing answers

Once questions are imported and ConveyorAI has begun to answer them, the experience is similar as to what's provided in the web app. This includes:

Furthermore, all activities are kept in-sync between the extension and the web app. After importing the questions, you could switch to the web app to edit the answers and work with collaborators, and then return to the extension to export the answers back into Coupa.

Filling in the portal

Once you've reviewed ConveyorAI's answers and edited them to your liking, you can now fill them back into Coupa with a single click. Hitting "Fill & Next" will paste the answer to the focused question back into Coupa. You can also click "Fill unanswered questions" (the paint bucket icon) to fill the entire page at once.

Conditional logic

Some Coupa questionnaires include conditional logic, such that as you answer a question, a new question will spawn. If this happens, just click "Scan for new questions," and any newly-spawned questions will be added to your Conveyor questionnaire in the correct order.

Additional pages

Coupa questionnaires often span multiple pages. You can simply navigate to a new page and click "Scan for new questions" to append the next page to the current questionnaire.

Unsupported question types

Coupa has some question types that are not currently supported by Conveyor's Browser Extension, such as "select all that apply"-type questions. Conveyor will still import these questions and ConveyorAI will answer them, but you will have to then check the boxes in Coupa yourself to complete the question.