How Conveyor utilizes OpenAI

Conveyor uses OpenAI to power searches in trust portals and to help vendors respond to questionnaires.

Conveyor does not store any data on OpenAI. Furthermore, Conveyor has opted-out of allowing OpenAI to sample any data for the purpose of improving its foundational models.

All calls to OpenAI's API are server-to-server, meaning no client IP addresses are sent to OpenAI.

OpenAI is not a subprocessor of personal data about your users or invitees, only of search queries (including questionnaire questions) and the contents of your Conveyor Portal to deliver search results and generative answers.

Conveyor has an agreement in place with OpenAI laying out the requirements and confidentiality of the processed data.

All "learning" involves automated curation of customer-specific answers into that customer's specific Conveyor knowledge graph. No customer-specific answers ever go back into training customer-wide models.


If you have any questions

Please don't hesitate to contact [email protected] if you have additional questions. We value transparency in these matters.