Quick start: Trust Center

Want one of these customer-facing Trust Centers, like Productboard, Lucid, or Teleport?

Then keep reading!

Personalize your branding

Once you've signed up for Conveyor, head to the Portal Designer to give your customers a familiar experience by adding your logo and brand colors. You can also add a header image to your profile to give your portal a little pizzazz ✨ .

Author some profile content

You can send your profile to customers to give them high-level context-setting before they dive into the nitty-gritty of your docs and info.

A few tips on how to best tell your security story:

  • Keep your copy short and to the point. Nobody likes a wall of text!
  • Use the FAQs you get asked all the time to design your content.
  • And remember – the person doing the security review may know nothing about your company, so make sure to set them up for success.


Need inspiration?

Check out our profile to get some inspiration (and kickstart your review of us!)

Add the docs you're always sharing

Start adding docs in minutes using Quick Add in the Documents section. By default, docs will be added as internal only so no external users can see them.

You have full control over which external users can view and access your docs:

  • 📣 Public docs like certifications or security whitepapers can be shared to everyone
  • 🔑 Protected docs like your audit reports can be approval- and NDA-gated. You can let everyone know that you have them available and easily request access by featuring their titles on your profile.
  • 🤐 "Need to know" docs can be restricted to a specific segment of your customers using access groups.

Add some FAQs

A well-curated knowledge base is your first line of defense to deflect customer questions. Much like documents, anything you add to your knowledge base is set to internal only but can be shared publicly or to your approved users under NDA by editing the "Access" property. Head to the Knowledge Base to tackle that next.


Not sure where to start?

We've put together a baseline based on the questions we see all the time. You can make a copy and import it into your KB.


More than one product?

Segment your Q and As and docs by Product Lines to give your customers a more relevant experience (Enterprise plan only).

Go live with your portal and share the link with your first customer

Test out the flow for yourself using your preview link back on the portal designer. When you're happy with the experience, hit Publish to make your profile go live at a nicely-formatted link you can easily share with your customers.


Want a custom URL?

If you're on the Growth or Enterprise plan, we can also set up a custom URL like trust.[your domain].com to really make it your own. Contact us at [email protected] for more details.


That's it!

You're on your way to reducing questionnaires by 80%