How to test what your customers will see

Before you launch your portal, we're betting that you're going to want to see the experience for yourself to ensure that your customers will be getting as smooth of an experience as possible.

There are two ways you can test the experience before your portal is live:

  1. Send an invitation to yourself at a novel email address

Using the Share dialog, send a direct invitation to yourself or a fellow teammate.


Don't invite a member of your org to view your portal as a customer

In order to accurately test customer permissions and access, the email you use can't be associated with any members of your organization on Conveyor. We recommend inviting someone on your team who doesn't have a Conveyor account or using a test email like a personal email address. Alternatively, if your company uses Google Workspace, you can append a plus sign and additional characters to your existing email to create a novel email address.

The invitation they receive will go to the draft view of your portal where they can test what it looks like and the authentication process for accessing your protected content.

  1. Request access via your draft share link

The second way to test is to copy your draft share link and open it yourself in an incognito browser window. From there, you can interact with the public view of your portal and test requesting access. Important: Make sure that you follow the same email recommendations for directly inviting above.


Make sure you don't share your draft portal link with external users

Your draft link is only intended for you and your team to perform internal testing and has a banner to that effect at the bottom of the experience. Unlike the portal link you'll have once you go live, it's not possible to break this link if you decide to go a different direction later. Since it's ID based it's also just hard to remember!

Once you're ready to start sharing externally, toggle Go Live in the Portal Designer to get your official link.

πŸ§ͺ Things you might want to test before you go live:

  • Your logo and banner look good, and the color is your brand color
  • If you set a custom font, it looks the way you'd like and is easy to read
  • You have the public (non-authenticated) experience that you wanted
  • Your portal content is in logical reading order and covers the info you get asked about most frequently
  • You have notifications set up so that your team gets a notification when someone requests access
  • You have the right set of documents/Q&As available publicly vs. protected behind your request flow and NDA
  • Your NDA experience is set up the way you wanted.