Customizing fonts

You can customize the font that your customers see when they visit your portal.

Conveyor provides two options for adding custom fonts:

  1. Selecting any Google Font (available on the Growth plan)
  2. Hosting your brand-specific font (available on the Enterprise plan)

Using Google Fonts

Google provides over 1,400 open-source fonts via Google Fonts. Conveyor customers on the Growth tier are free to select from any of these to customize the appearance of their public profile.

To do so, navigate to your Portal Designer, then click on your logo.

From there, select the "Customize Font" field. You'll see a list of top suggestions (because 1,400 options are a lot to choose from!). However, you can enter the name of any Google Font (please note that names are case-sensitive). Hit the "Save" button to see your new font.

Hosting your brand-specific font

Customers on the Enterprise plan can go beyond Google Fonts and set a brand-specific font. Please note that a prerequisite to using your own brand-specific font is that you host your public profile at your own domain (such as

To get started, you'll need a URL to a CSS file where the font is defined. The CSS file URL must match the domain of your custom profile domain, i.e.,

The contents of the CSS file should only include a @font-face declaration:

The font file itself can be hosted on your domain or another CDN (content delivery network), such as Amazon S3. The font file should be one of four MIME types:

  • font/ttf
  • font/otf
  • font/woff
  • font/woff2

Once you have the URL to the CSS file ready, contact your customer success representative or email [email protected] and we'll take it from there.