This integration brings certain Conveyor workflows directly into Slack - allowing you and your team to quickly and easily take action without opening Conveyor. This integration is ideal for sales teams looking to review a prospect's activity, security teams looking to reduce effort reviewing access requests, and users who occasionally need to provide evidence for vendor management.

  • Rooms Activity - post your prospects and customer activity to a channel or DM.
  • Rooms Access Approvals - approve Rooms Access requests directly from Slack.
  • Vendor Management Ticketing - Receive ticket notifications and attach evidence directly from Slack.

Installation and Upgrade Instructions

Rooms - Activity Notifications and Access Approvals

Activity Notifications
Integrate Conveyor with Slack public channels, private channels, and Direct Messages to receive a real-time activity feed of activity in your Room. Enable your sales teams to self-serve information about their accounts and prospects. Start discussions directly in Slack threads to get your customers the information they need. Use a quick ctrl+f to search for activity from individual customers and prospects.

On configured Slack channels, ConveyorBot will post:

  • Access Requests - when a new account is looking to access your Room
  • Access Grants - when a new account is given access to your Room
  • Document Downloads - when an account has downloaded a document
  • Knowledge Base Interactions - when an account has interacted with your Knowledge Base

Rooms Access Approvals
Give your customers and prospects lightning-fast access to your Room - with access granting for authorized Conveyor users directly in Slack. This will save you a round-trip into Conveyor while unblocking your sales teams and prospects.

Faster approvals == happier prospects == faster deals.

Usage Details
For complete usage details, please see Usage - Rooms Activity and Approvals.

Vendor Management Ticketing

Allow Your Team To Get Notifications Where They Are
By integrating Conveyor with Slack you can notify control owners, assets owners, and other compliance collaborators of a ticket that's been assigned to them. This saves you having to onboard users onto a new tool and enables your workforce to be productive with the tool they're already familiar with. Conveyor uses name and email pattern matching to find the right contact and send them a Direct Message preventing you from having to make and maintain new channels for compliance notifications.

Upload Evidence Directly from Chat
With the Slack integration, ticket assignees can simply respond to notifications in Slack with text and attachments which are uploaded to the ticket in Conveyor. The ticket is closed and the evidence is logged for use in proving control implementation in audits. Instead of managing access, onboarding, and education of how to use Conveyor for compliance collaborators, enable them to do their work in the chat tool they already use.

Usage Details
For complete usage details, please see Usage - Ticketing Notifications and Evidence Upload.

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