This integration brings certain Conveyor workflows directly into Slack - allowing you and your team to quickly and easily take action without opening Conveyor. This integration is ideal for sales teams looking to review a prospect's activity, security teams looking to reduce effort reviewing access requests, and users who occasionally need to provide evidence for vendor management.

  • Portal Activity - post your prospects and customer activity to a channel or DM.
  • Portal Access Approvals - approve Portal Access requests directly from Slack.

Installation and Upgrade Instructions

Portal - Activity Notifications and Access Approvals

Activity Notifications
Integrate Conveyor with Slack public channels, private channels, and Direct Messages to receive a real-time activity feed of activity in your Portal. Enable your sales teams to self-serve information about their accounts and prospects. Start discussions directly in Slack threads to get your customers the information they need. Use a quick ctrl+f to search for activity from individual customers and prospects.

On configured Slack channels, ConveyorBot will post:

  • Access Requests - when a new account is looking to access your Portal
  • Access Grants - when a new account is given access to your Portal
  • Document Downloads - when an account has downloaded a document
  • Knowledge Base Interactions - when an account has interacted with your Knowledge Base

Portal Access Approvals
Give your customers and prospects lightning-fast access to your Portal - with access granting for authorized Conveyor users directly in Slack. This will save you a round-trip into Conveyor while unblocking your sales teams and prospects.

Faster approvals == happier prospects == faster deals.

Usage Details
For complete usage details, please see Usage - Portal Activity and Approvals.