Approving Access Requests

This page describes the many ways you can process customer requests to view your gated portal content (see Inviting Customers and Prospects.

Getting notified

First things first - how do you get notified that someone has requested access to your gated portal content?

There are two main notification channels:

  1. Via the Slack integration. See Slack for more details.
  2. Via email.

To configure who receives an email when a customer requests access to your portal, visit Organization Preferences and scroll down to Access Request Notifications (or click here).

Processing requests in Slack

For organizations that use Slack, the most convenient way to process requests when they come in is directly with ConveyorBot.

If you hit Approve, you'll see a modal with a few additional options:

If you hit Reject, the request will be rejected.

See our Slack documentation for more information about setting up ConveyorBot in Slack.

Processing requests in the Conveyor app

If you don't use Slack, you can always process requests to access your gated portal content within the Conveyor app itself. You'll see a notification like so on your dashboard whenever there are requests to process:

That link will lead you to your Requests page. You can also get to that page by clicking "Connections", then "Requests."

To take action on a request, click "Process Request".


In the window that opens, you can Approve or Reject the request.


If you wish to apply an access group so the user can access protected documentation, you will want to add the access group by selecting the edit pencil.

Updating access groups for contacts

Access groups can be added when you are processing the request or be added after the fact by updating the individual contact.



You also have the ability to Bypass the NDA in the event that the customer requesting access has already executed an NDA with your company or they are only requesting access to publicly available documents.