Questionnaire index view

Conveyor's Questionnaire index gives you a kanban view to manage the lifecycle of a questionnaire and maintain visibility into your team's progress.

The statuses are:

  • Processing: Cards in this column represent questionnaires that have been created in Conveyor, where the bot has been unleashed on a set of questions but has not finished running yet. These cards will automatically move to Started once the bot has drafted all answers. These cards will not automatically move to Started.
  • Started: Cards that were Processing will automatically move to the Started column when the bot has finished running, and answers are drafted. The First Responder is notified when cards enter this state, and should take the first pass of reviewing the bot's answers. Alternatively, if you don't attach questions to the card and are just using the index to project-manage questionnaires, cards will start in this state.
  • Ready for Review: This status can be used to pass questionnaires from the First Responder to collaborators. A common workflow is that subject matter experts will get involved at this step to address questions that the First Responder has flagged as needing additional input.
  • Approved: This status can be used to represent that the answers are all complete and approved, and all that remains is getting the answers back in the original format, to be sent back to the customer.
  • Completed: This status can be used to represent that the questionnaire has been sent back to the customer.

To change the status of a card, you can click and hold to drag-and-drop it into a different column.

Alternatively, you can set the status on the questionnaire by clicking into it, and adjusting the "Status" attribute on the left side of your screen.