Letting customers self-serve questionnaires

Also known as the "ATM moment" for questionnaires.

Once your portal is branded and has some content on it, you can enable the ability for portal visitors to upload questionnaires directly to your portal, and use AI to search the portal's content and summarize the findings.

Step 1: Make sure you have some Q&A's that are visible to customers


Customer-facing ConveyorAI just relies on Curated Q&A pairs

While internal-facing ConveyorAI can synthesize and generate answers from Documents, the customer-facing ConveyorAI only relies on curated Q&As that the customer has access to.

Getting any results from this feature will require that you have question and answer pairs that are visible to your customers (whether “Public” or for “Approved Customers.”) Navigate to your Knowledge Base to make sure you have at least 100 q&a pairs that meet that definition, although the results drastically improve once you’ve achieved ~400 customer-accessible q&a pairs. (See Q&A access levels for more information.)

Step 2: Customize the disclaimer text and try it out!

In the portal designer, expand the section called "Customer-facing questionnaire eliminator." Here, you can customize the disclaimer text that customers see before they upload questions. Then, click “Test this experience” to see the same flow your customers will see. The experience should be self-explanatory from there!

Step 3: Optionally - Subscribe a Slack channel to answerbot to see what customers are asking.

This will allow you to keep an eye on all the answers that your customers are getting from this experience. Assuming you have the Conveyor Slackbot installed already (if not, check out our Slack page), just navigate to the channel of your choice in Slack, then run the command: /conveyor subscribe answerbot

As customers interact with this feature, you’ll receive notifications (batched every 5 minutes) summarizing what questions they uploaded and what answers they’re getting. You can provide feedback on the answers to improve Conveyor’s models directly via Slack.

Step 4: When you're ready, check "Enable the questionnaire eliminator in our portal"

To turn the uploader on to visitors of your portal, just check the box next to "Enable the questionnaire eliminator in our portal." That's it!