Questionnaire Eliminator Overview

Conveyor's Questionnaire Eliminator is the fastest and most consistent way for vendors to respond to questionnaires from customers. Here's a quick overview video!

The Eliminator uses OpenAI's Language Language Models (LLM) to turn the most relevant content of you Knowledge Base into the perfectly-worded answers to your questionnaire questions instantly. From that point, the Eliminator makes it easy to review, edit, and collaborate on answers to get the questionnaire across the finish line.

Conveyor's Questionnaire Eliminator includes an index that makes it easy to track the progress of questionnaires.

Conveyor's Questionnaire Eliminator relies on OpenAI's Large Language Models (LLMs). If you have questions about how Conveyor utilizes OpenAI from a security and confidentiality perspective, see this help article.

For a quick guide on how to get started with the Questionnaire Eliminator, see the Quick start: GPT-powered Questionnaire Eliminator guide.