Overview of ConveyorAI

ConveyorAI is the "brain" behind Conveyor that provides accurate, customer-ready answers to all security questions in various context. For example, you can:

  • Upload questionnaires and ConveyorAI will instantly populate them with answers,
  • Open the Conveyor Browser Extension in common third-party portals like OneTrust to instantly populate them with answers,
  • Empower sellers to ask one-off questions via Slack, and ConveyorAI will answer them
  • Help your customers find exactly what they're looking for in your Trust Center by letting them selve-serve questionnaires with ConveyorAI

ConveyorAI is powered by Large Language Models ("LLMS"), the leading generative AI technology in the natural language space. Some of ConveyorAI's capabilities include:

  • Unprecedented accuracy, with the ability to accurately complete up to 90% of typical security questionnaires. ConveyorAI is premium quality AI, meaning we rely on larger and more advanced models rather than smaller and cheaper models, to ensure we deliver the highest quality responses.
  • Hallucination detection that reduces the hallucination rate significantly below off-the-shelf large language models using proprietary techniques (see What is ConveyorAI's Hallucination Rate?
  • Support for drawing answers from many sources, such as your SOC 2, your past questionnaires, and (coming soon) your public help and marketing sites
  • Constant evolution absorbing your edits and new answers without any additional work on your end, so that you never have to answer the same question twice.
  • Speed in returning answers so you can start reviewing ConveyorAI generated responses in seconds
  • Safety and confidentiality: ConveyorAI's learning is customer-specific, so your answers never co-mingle with or train any other customer's instance. You're protected by industry-leading security protocols and Enterprise agreements with LLM providers, which provides elevated security and assurance over tools like ChatGPT. Read more about How Conveyor utilizes OpenAI here.