Publishing your Profile

Once your profile is ready to be shared, select Publish Profile in the top right corner. It will generate a link to share with customers. If you are on a paid customer trust plan, contact [email protected] or your CSM to generate a custom URL such as!

When you go to publish your public profile for the first time, you may have to wait for verification to complete. That's because Conveyor doesn't want anyone pretending to be your company, launching a damaging profile on your behalf.

Conveyor's verification step is fast, so you'll hear back from us in a business day or two. If you don't see this step, it means we verified your profile prior to when you hit "Publish" for the first time.

If you see "Your account isn't linked..."

If you see this screen, it means someone may have claimed a profile at your domain already, or you have a legacy version of our profile. Just hit "Claim your profile" to continue, and someone from Conveyor Support will be in touch.