Quick start: Questionnaire-as-a-Service

Our service gives you questionnaires completed in their original format with senior-level accuracy – in 72 hours or less.

Here's how it works:

  • You submit a questionnaire via our Slackbot or email – spreadsheet, portal, napkin sketch, we’ll take ‘em all.
  • We use your existing content to answer the questionnaire.
  • You get the questionnaire back with a summary of how we did and any gaps you need to fill.
  • The best part? We’ll incorporate any new answers or updates into your knowledge base to keep everything nice and fresh. You can even try before you buy – your first questionnaire is always free.


Get in touch today!

Email [email protected] to learn more.

How to set up Slack so you can submit questionnaires

How to submit questionnaires outside of Slack

  • If your team does not use Slack (or does not have the integration setup), your team members can login directly and upload the questionnaire for completion. See Uploading a questionnaire.


In order to submit a questionnaire outside of Slack, your team member must have access to login to Conveyor directly. See the steps below on how to add.

How to invite members of your team to Conveyor to submit questionnaires for completion